Who We Are

Established in 2016, Zero Waste Malaysia (“ZWM”) is a non-profit organisation (PPM-044-10-29032018) registered under The Registry of Societies of Malaysia and community group based in Malaysia advocating for sustainable development and aiming to increase the local community’s awareness in sustainable living.

Our Vision

A zero waste lifestyle is a way of life that minimizes the general waste footprint and embraces circular economy by challenging conventional methods to reduce waste generation and utilizing waste as input materials. ZWM encourages everyone to shift our mindsets from the current take-make-dispose culture, practice environmentally-responsible habits and get out creative juices flowing to realize the reusability potential of ‘wastes’.

Our Mission

ZWM wants to turn talks into actions. We spend time creating awareness, providing talks and contributing in informational sharing sessions to stimulate conversations. These conversations need to be put into action. ZWM wants to enable individuals, groups, corporations and organizations alike to be cognizant and capable in executing their zero waste action plans.