ZWM refers to ‘Zero Waste Malaysia’

Does ZWM collect recyclables?

Zero Waste Malaysia is not a recycling collector. We are an organisation that promotes sustainable living in Malaysia through educational resources, corporate engagement and on-ground projects/initiatives.

I am interested to have a zero waste talk. Who should I email?

Feel free to read through our services under Zero Waste Talks and to make a booking or get in touch.

Where can I recycle e-waste?

You may use the Zero Waste Map linked here to search the nearest waste collection services near you!

Does ZWM have any volunteer positions open?

Our volunteer applications are on a rolling basis and open throughout the year! Please visit our volunteering page for the latest updates. Stay tuned to our social channels for specialised volunteer roles and hiring campaigns that may pop up! Physical volunteering will also be under specialised volunteer roles and advertised when needed!

Is ZWM a registered business?

We are a registered non-profit organisation under ROS since 2018! Check out our timeline here.

Can I recycle my shampoo bottle?

Have you heard of our latest resource? The Trash Encyclopedia will answer all your recycling doubts! Click here!

Does ZWM work with corporates? Is ZWM open for partnership & collaboration?

Yes we do and yes we are! Feel free to check out our corporate engagement page and drop us an inquiry if you have any other ideas.

Is ZWM open for interviews, podcasts and other invitations?

We have done various interviews and podcasts in the past that you may check out here. Feel free to fill in details in to get in touch!

Can I work with ZWM to sell my products?

If you join our Facebook Group of over 49,000 passionate zero waste individuals, you may promote your eco-friendly, zero waste products only on our Market Day! We have our Online Market Day on every second Saturday of the month!
Members are welcomed to advertise for any waste reduction products/ events/ services/ websites/ companies. There are some rules to follow so be sure to read up on them and avoid your post being reported or removed.

Have another question? Feel free to reach out!

Established in 2016, Zero Waste Malaysia (“ZWM”) is a non-profit organisation (PPM-044-10-29032018) registered under The Registry of Societies of Malaysia.

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