Project 0 is a one-month long fundraising campaign to raise RM100,000 starting from 1st DEC till 31st DEC 2019.

The funds raised through Project 0 will be used to power ZWM’s operations & programmes in 2020

Zero Waste Map

With the help of powerful community in Malaysia, we create Zero Waste Malaysia Map providing local zero waste resources whereby everyone can access for free. Since then, the map covers hundreds locations with 10 categories including bulk shop, sustainable businesses, thrift shop, and etc.


By applying the 5Rs’ (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot) which is presented by Bea Johnson from Zero Waste Home, we can reduce unnecessary trash from our daily lives. Aside from 5R’s mentioned, we will rethink our consumerism habits, repair our broken stuffs, rent things that we don’t use occasionally and etc. (Endless R and solution is everywhere )

Ready to live more sustainably?

Here’s some handbooks that we have compiled so far and more to come. Stay tuned for more updates!

Take Action

We believe that each individual plays a significant role on making the planet green again by rethinking our consumerism habits. By leading as an example, we inspire the others.


Want to engage Zero Waste Malaysia for any related events, talks or something cool and green? Let’s talk!