Community building is who we are at our core. With over 49,000 members, we are the largest environmental community group in Malaysia. In Zero Waste Malaysia, we work with organisations and communities who are:

Ready to take actions to tackle climate change

Determined to transform your organization to a sustainable workplace

Committed to contribute to the environment, sustainability and climate actions


Having big sustainability targets & goals, but not sure how to reach them?

Keen to instil a sustainable mindset among the community but not sure where to start?

Looking for an educational partner with rich knowledge & engagement experience on sustainable living?



Over the years, we’ve worked with communities and organisations to make zero waste accessible through our resources and engagements. We’d love to do the same with you too!


Empowering communities and cultivating mindset shift towards sustainability through these immersive engagement programmes. By working with us, your organisation is

> Being a role model in creating sustainable workplaces
> Contributing to Environmental (E) – climate change
> Working towards the vision of building a sustainable and waste-free Malaysia.


Introductory Zero Waste Talks

If your team is a beginner to the concept of zero waste and want to learn more in a non-intimidating way, this is a perfect starting point!

The Introductory Zero Waste talk takes the concept of zero waste and takes you on a personal storytelling journey where our speakers who live and breathe what they preach, will share useful tips to starting a sustainable life. Available in ENG, BM and Mandarin, please head to our Speakers Page for more.

We look forward to working with you this 2024!

You may also email us at

7 Day Zero Waste Challenge

Looking for an interactive, fun and engaging campaign to engage and educate the employees about sustainable lifestyle?

The 7 Day Zero Waste Challenge is an immersive experience for employees/ the community to kickstart their sustainability journeys while having fun in a contest, supported by Zero Waste Malaysia.

Employees will also learn about the environment whilst completing daily zero waste activities. Please refer to the information deck below for more information.

Sustainability Workshops

Interested in organising interactive and themed activities to learn more about sustainable living?

We run a variety of workshops to bring hands-on experience to employees while learning about the environment and also zero waste living.

  1. T-Shirt Upcycling *Highly Recommended*
  2. Composting
  3. Food Waste (Coffee Ground Upcycling or Citrus Peel Upcycling)
  4. Recycling & Waste Segregation – Advanced

Have an idea in mind? We are open to customised workshops or collaboration sessions with your organisations.


“The electricity bill was reduced by 5 – 6% after the zero waste initiative, which is in line with our corporate cost saving strategy. “

Happy Fresh

“Yes, I highly recommend every one to join this workshop to know what is all about. Practice zero waste in our country conserves resources and minimises pollution as it affect the weather.”

Upcycling Workshop Attendee, Muji Malaysia

“Air Selangor are very grateful to have a partnership with ZWM in living a Zero Waste Lifestyle.”

Air Selangor


We are open to other collaboration ideas, including a combination of programmes! Drop us a message to further discuss opportunities and be at the forefront of sustainable development with Zero Waste Malaysia!

Established in 2016, Zero Waste Malaysia (“ZWM”) is a non-profit organisation (PPM-044-10-29032018) registered under The Registry of Societies of Malaysia.

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