“The importance of green initiative means being a good steward of the environment while also meeting your business goals. Both can be done.” -Green Arrow, 2022

Driving awareness about low waste initiatives is an important part of the zero waste movement, communicating and educating customers or audiences on solutions offered to them! We’re always open to working with people who:

Are truly passionate about integrating sustainable practices

Have been working towards implementing zero waste solutions

Align with Zero Waste Malaysia’s values of waste reduction


Rinse & Return with Aesop

To reduce waste being sent to the landfills, Aesop ran a recycling collection drive and raised RM5,000 which was donated to Zero Waste Malaysia.

We collaborated with Aesop in 2022 which rescued about 1,300 empty bottles. While recycling is towards the bottom of the 5R’s pyramid, it’s a good start in responsible waste management. Thank you to Aesop for the additional donation as well, supporting ZWM’s cause and ongoing programs.

We’re also happy to hear that Aesop has phased out carry bags for cotton pouches while encouraging shoppers to also bring-their-own bags! The initiative is still ongoing so feel free to bring your bottles to Aesop stores for collection too.

Muji’s Paper Bag Charge

To reduce the usage of single-use plastics and single-use bags, Muji MY started placing charges on usage of paper bags.

In 2022, we collaborated with Muji to reduce the use of single-use disposable bags through a paper bag charge, costing RM0.30 per piece.

Muji Malaysia donated 100% of these paper bag proceeds to Zero Waste Malaysia supporting the mission of building a greener Malaysia, which raised RM33,889.51.

The collaboration resulted in public education on recycling and waste segregation, and public workshops on zero waste.

Composting Machine Giveaway with Reencle

Giveaways are not always encouraged as a lot of the time, they encourage excess consumption, but Reencle is trying to raise awareness about food waste through an innovative solution that makes composting a breeze!

Through a social media giveaway involving two composting machines, we garnered submissions which had over 13,000 views!

Our lucky winners @aason_ong & @pekebunpalatao had incredible videos submitted full of passion and heart for reducing food waste.


“The impactful campaign allowed us to reach out to new audiences, increasing our impact and strengthening our mission to reduce food waste!”

Reencle MY

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