Green signs in Malaysia

As lovers of nature, we often feel disheartened seeing waste being thrown, food being wasted and plastic still being created indiscriminately. Take heart – look at these environmental progress in Malaysia to feel encouraged on your journey to protect and save the earth:-

1.     People embracing low or zero waste lifestyle.

In the early 2000, zero waste lifestyle was unheard of. With the emergence of Bea Johnson and locally – Aurora Tin and Khor Sue Yee, zero waste lifestyle has been on the rise in Malaysia. Even though it’s not the full 5R’s, Malaysians have put in effort to implement part of the 5R’s into their lifestyle. 

Tak Nak Straw Movement:

For example, the Tak Nak Straw project was impactful with many restaurants still displaying the Tak Nak Straw signboard and not offering plastic straws for good. That’s Refuse of the 5R’s there. Next, you could see Recycle amongst condominium and apartment residents.

A number of Malaysians especially in the Klang Valley have also begun the Beli Nothing movement to curb things from going to the landfill completely or too quickly. Need something or want to give away something? Search for Beli Nothing on FB and join one today.

2. Presence of alternative packaging and nude packaging stores 

In line with the emergence of zero waste lifestyle, there are nude packaging or minimal packaging stores in the Klang Valley. This helps people to implement low or zero waste lifestyle more effectively. The stores also provide variety in trade and job opportunities which are beneficial to our economy.

Malaysians are also more open to alternative packaging such as bees-wax as an alternative to plastics.

3.     Existence of Societies and Organisations such as Zero Waste Malaysia and its friends all over Malaysia. 

ZWM is a registered Non-profit organisation with three (3) full time employees. 

There is also Johor Minimal Waste which aims to encourage Johoreans to be involved and discuss on environmental issues such as waste management together and Sampah Menyampah which is active in working towards a cleaner, healthier, unpolluted, and community-spirited Malaysia.

It’s great to see these signs, isn’t it? Do remember: the zero waste lifestyle is do-able. Your effort is not in vain. You are not alone because we’re in this together!

by Mun


3 thoughts on “Green signs in Malaysia”

  1. Thank you for producing such amazing blog for the public! After going through every segment, it helped me to better understand the importance of environmental protection, by realizing that environmental protection is not far away – we can start from the small things around us. In the face of abnormal and sudden changes in the environment, it has become an issue that individuals, organizations, enterprises and even countries have to face. The combination of colours, layout and information provided in the blog are so welcoming and intuitive for the readers to be educated and go green happily!

  2. First of all, thank you for this amazing movement. Personally, looking at this environmental progress in Malaysia gives me a reminder that change does start from within. From assuming what change can I bring as an individual to realizing how much of a change an individual can bring to the environment by practicing a zero-waste lifestyle. It amazes me that the efforts made toward a zero-waste lifestyle could start from something as simple as not utilizing plastic straws. Speaking from the visual perspective, your blog stands out to me as the content was short and simple yet impactful, with a good balance between visuals and text.

  3. I think all of us can contribute positively. Even a very small act would do eg

    – minimize water consumption
    – switching off the light when it is not used
    – minimize using plastic bags or other products (which could also mean not using it at all)
    – using cloth shopping bags
    – buying local and organic food produce
    – growing your own food
    – minimize traveling by fossil-fuel powered vehicles
    – walk whenever possible

    and more. One doesn’t need to do all at the same time. One at a time would be a good start. That’s the true environmentalist.


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