Celebrating the launch of Malaysia’s FIRST Trash Encyclopedia

Trash Encyclopedia Launch [Volunteer Team]

A roaring success at Zero Waste Malaysia’s first physical event since the pandemic hit, two years ago. The physical hurrah celebrated a total of 101 household trash items being launched on the Trash Encyclopedia ‘Trashpedia’!

On the 23rd of April, 2022, about 300 zero waste supporters came out to witness a 3 metre tall Tiger art installation made of the 101 trash items from the website! Alongside interactive booths, #zerowaste merchandise and an insightful panel discussion.

The art installation named, ‘The Last Pride of Tiger’ by local duo artists Co2_karbondioksida, left the audience in awe of its height and composition. Zero Waste Malaysia also brought out their t-shirt stamping booth featuring the latest logo, launched late last year. 

The event was also attended by the project’s main sponsor Bursa Malaysia and supporting sponsor Johnson Controls, with special guests Rajiv Rishyakaran and Sharifah Sofia joining as panelists. A game session called ‘Trash Stack’ was also an entertaining hit with a hidden message! Participants had to stack up a pile of trash items given with the aim of creating the tallest tower! They were then debriefed on the message that the trash items given amounted to 1.2kg, the average global waste generated by a person per day. 

We would like to thank our event partners Eventistry, Co2_Karbondioksida, The School Jaya One & MINUS Zero Waste for their support!

Check out the Trash Encyclopedia and learn something new today!

To read more about the event and catch some special moments, read the report below.

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