30 Days to beat Dr Evil, Tik Tok! ? #30DAYZWM

It’s the comeback of ZWM’s 30 Day Zero Waste Challenge! The 2nd nationwide virtual challenge hosted by Zero Waste Malaysia featured a new theme, called Mission 30: Zero Waste Challenge.

Malaysia’s is no doubt a beautiful country but with that, we have a lot of waste and have become so used to single-use disposables. We produce approximately 38,000 tonnes of waste per day, and this figure is increasing. Hence, with the vision of building a waste-free and sustainable future for Malaysia, we kickstarted our 2nd run of the 30 Day Zero Waste Challenge! It was a nationwide zero waste challenge that was held on 1st – 30th October 2022, to encourage Malaysians to practice zero waste actions as a community and to address misconceptions about zero waste through the challenge!

Before we get into it, we’d like to say a big thank you to our sponsors for making this happen: Korea SHE Foundation, Shangri-la Tanjung Aru, Lubar Camp, Superdough (Breakout MY & Hauntu MY), The Food Purveyor (Village Grocer), Soapan Santun, Jobbie Nut Butter & Jamboo KL. And what did we achieve from the challenge?


100% increase in positive sentiment towards Zero Waste living!

How did we do that? Let’s rewind back to what this challenge is all about! This year, there were a total of 30 challenges + 2 Bonus challenges for participants to take up at their own pace. The entire mechanism was designed to:

> increase the awareness of the general public about environment and sustainability issues in Malaysia

> invite Malaysians to go Zero Waste whilst creating lasting habits for a larger impact

> to encourage first time Zero Wasters to create long term habits through simple daily actions.

Download clearer version here

The theme was called Mission 30: Zero Waste Challenge to build on the exciting theme of the Mission Impossible franchise. With participants referred to as “agents” on a mission to combat climate change and protect our planet, we aim to incorporate gamification and excitement to the environmental challenge! Characters like Dr Evil, Agent O and Agent U were part of the fun! Here are some of our favourite videos made during the challenge.

Not to forget our midpoint livestream educating agents on the topic of Food Waste! Joined by Diyana (a Muslim Vegan) and Harbir (Ground Control), the livestream was filled with engaging questions on composting, reducing food waste and trying out a vegan lifestyle!

Overall, it was a fruitful month and we were happy to see more people try out this lifestyle and come out loving it! 30 Days isn’t enough to change someone’s lifestyle, but it’s a good start and we hope this gave people a platform to experience a not-so-difficult lifestyle that does SO MUCH MORE for the environment!

Don’t forget to download the Event Report to learn more!

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