Going Zero-Wastemas with Dentsu

Here’s a little rundown of our recent Zero Wastemas video campaign that launched during Christmas 2022. PS: It’s our first time working with a Creative Agency on a video like this!

What’s the biggest waste we see during the festive season? To be honest, lots of different kinds but FOOD WASTE becomes a huge issue! From holiday buffets, potlucks to house parties, food is usually in excess. This season, we partnered with Dentsu Creative Malaysia to raise awareness on that. If you haven’t watched the video above, now’s a great time to do so before we get into the behind-the-scenes of how this came to be.

As we know productions like these tend to produce quite a bit of waste as well, but the Dentsu team were keen to try and reduce that waste as much as possible! Here’s how they did it:

  • Crowdsourcing food waste
  • Reusing paper waste for the wallpapers and framed pictures
  • Upcycling old fabrics for curtains, armchairs and the sofa.
  • Repurposing spare pieces of wood for construction of tables, benches and other mini furniture pieces

We asked the Dentsu team, what inspired the idea of this collaboration?

It started as casual chats about looking forward to year-end festivities and our obsession with celebrating big – the decorations, the presents, overall atmosphere, and of course the food! That got us thinking about the flip side, and made us realise the unspoken relationship between our indulgent behaviours and food waste. We knew at that moment that we wanted to trigger the same realisation in others, that could contribute to making an actual difference, and from there it literally just snowballed! We found the perfect client, got to work, and the rest is history.

The Dentsu team also believes that creative media can help spread the awareness of such serious topics. “Food waste is not new news. So there’s real danger in coming off preachy, or even condescending when communicating the issue in traditional ways. However, when we package it in entertaining or surprising ways, viewers are left with a feeling of satisfaction that makes our message more memorable and even contemplative.”

Zero Waste Malaysia and Dentsu Creative hope to see more individuals taking action to reduce their daily waste, one step at a time!

Go Zero-wastemas, every day!

No animals were harmed in the making of this clip. For more collaboration or media-related inquiries, please email media@zerowastemalaysia.org

Established in 2016, Zero Waste Malaysia (“ZWM”) is a non-profit organisation and community group based in Malaysia advocating for sustainable development and sustainable living.

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Established in 2016, Zero Waste Malaysia (“ZWM”) is a non-profit organisation (PPM-044-10-29032018) registered under The Registry of Societies of Malaysia.

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