Zero Waste Picnic

Weekends do not only mean you have to just Netflix 📺 and chill, there are a lot of things you could do with your family and friends. If you ask us, we would suggest a picnic! Better yet, a zero waste picnic. You may spend it on learning new skills, contributing to the community or spending quality time with your precious friends and family.

As for us, we have the opportunity to combine all these elements by initiating a zero waste picnic among the zero waste community. It’s a perfect event for us to connect like minded people and learn from each other about sustainable living.

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Considering all of that, we conducted our very first zero waste picnic last 27th May at KLCC Park, pretty early in the morning at 8 – ish. There was around 10 of us joining the session and ended up we have some special guest (passerby) who get interested to join the conversation as well (Yes! The guy who’s holding zero waste malaysia cardboard signage and camera 📷).

We’re lucky enough to have everyone filled up their belly with delicious food and most of all, they’re package free.

It wasn’t tough to have a picnic without creating unnecessary waste 🗑. Here are some simple steps to ensure you create less or no waste at all during a picnic,

  • Bring your own water bottle for drinks or any beverages
  • Purchase foods/drinks from wet market, morning market or any restaurants/stores that practices no packaging or just ask them to fill up the food in your container politely with smile!
  • Else, prepare your own meal in reusable container. Healthy way~
  • Bring your own reusable utensils (such as spoons, forks and etc)
  • Bring your own handkerchief instead of using disposable napkins

It was a great activity held with the Zero Waste Malaysia members as we’re not only closer to the nature but also with each other.  


Contributor: Yura

Event Date: 27 May 2017