Zero Waste Night Market

Pasar Malam / Night market is indeed a popular activities among the locals in Malaysia. In fact, night market generally contribute a lot of trash especially the usage of single use plastic. On 13th February 2017, a small group of us gathered at SS2 Night Market on a beautiful Monday for a zero waste experience on zero waste pasar malam shopping.

We prepared BYO (Bring Your Own) utensil and containers. It’s so interesting to see different type of containers that each of us brought. As they are never the same as every containers are unique on its own. *Tip 1: Look around your home; and reuse whatever that’s already there before deciding to get a new one.

Muti-tiers tiffins, air-tight containers, reusable cup, a thermos, reusable fork and spoon, cloth carrier bags and (big and small), glass jars; YOU NAME IT. 😉

Throughout the whole shopping, we had no trouble at all asking vendors to not provide any single use packaging. They were indeed grateful to see the spirits 💪 of BYO. There’s also few vendors saying that the world will be more happier with more people bringing their own containers.

*Tip 2: Remember to ask the vendors first weigh your containers before filling up the things that you want to purchase. Because you won’t want to pay extra weight of your containers!

Oh ya! Did we mention that we manage to get some discount because of BYO to save the environment?

We also enjoyed our chilled drinks in our own glasses. It was rather fulfilling to enjoy the beverages without the guilt of adding more trash to the environment. *Tip 3: Always ask politely with smile!

It was indeed a successful zero waste pasar malam shopping which is achievable if we try! Last but not least, we also made a lovely yet sketchy video for your inspiration on going zero waste at night market! What’s your experience with shopping zero waste at night market? Tag us on social media with #zerowastemalaysia  for your experiences! We would love to learn from you as well!


Contributor: Farida Saifuddin

Event Date: 13 February 2017