Talk for Project Kim Kim sponsored by Sumitomo Mitsui

Did you know that when you hire our Zero Waste Speakers Team, you are also helping us to reach more people to live zero waste under One-To-One Program? We will be using part of the proceeds to fund FREE talks at the public schools, so that more people will know more about sustainable living.

Zero Waste Malaysia (ZWM) recently launched its very own Speakers Team, which consists of around 10 passionate volunteers who are eager to speak up for the Earth and spread awareness about the zero-waste lifestyle. The team carries out outreach programmes which aim to advocate and spread awareness about the importance of the zero-waste lifestyle, introducing simple and practical steps for those who are keen to learn more about actions which can be implemented immediately.

With support from Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation’s interest in the Speakers Team, ZWM was able to deliver an additional free talk to about 50 students and teachers in collaboration with Teach for Malaysia’s Project Kim Kim initiative – an environmental care initiative started after seeing the effects of the illegal chemical dumping in Sungai Kim Kim.

The ZWM team was given the opportunity to share about the 5R principles to secondary school students and their teachers in Pasir Gudang, Johor on 14th September 2019. Our speaker, Tina Yap, delivered the talk using cardboard illustrations in a warm and humorous manner, which kept the students engaged and intrigued.

After the talk, the students were excited to show Tina what they had learnt by classifying all the waste they had previously collected in a school beach-clean-up trip at Tanjung Balau, Desaru using the 5R principles. They were also truly impacted by what they had learnt, immediately asking about advice on the changes they could make in their own lives- from replacements for disposable diapers that their siblings use or ways to reduce plastic use after realising that they are not actually recycled, but rather remain in a landfill. 


The speaker in-charged, Tina Yap was explaining about 5R principles to over 30 students using cardboard illustrations. 


Just like the students, Sumitomo Mitsui’s corporation itself felt as though an impact had been left on them after listening to our speaker at Integra Tower on 17th Jul 2019. After an interview, ZWM were told that simple efforts like bringing a handkerchief around, bringing own food containers and the use of shampoo bars to avoid plastic packaging have been personally put in place. The staff have started being more mindful on refusing plastic straws too. Furthermore, more eco-conscious staff annual dinner door gifts are being thought of, in order to inspire the company to be more environmentally friendly.

Though personal efforts may seem small, they eventually do add up in the end. Habits which have led us to choose convenience over our Earth has caused a seemingly insurmountable amount of damage. But through free education to the public, we are able to do our part and saving the earth one step at a time.

The ZWM talk was said to have successfully reached the Sumitomo Mitsui’s green objectives and covered a lot of informative content by increasing awareness over the topic of climate change. It was highlighted that amongst the plethora of different causes, the rates of disposable waste piling up in our landfills was also one of the contributors to our environmental crisis. However, by being more conscious of our daily lifestyles, such easy, small changes can mean a lot in the long run. 

The first step that YOUR corporation can take is inviting our speaker team for paid talks, to start the zero waste lifestyle in your office and make experiences like these possible to more students in more schools. If you are keen to invite us to speak to your office or corporate, write to us at or visit our website:

Passionate Zero Waste youth warriors were impacted from One-to-One Program