Exclusive Dialogue with Bea Johnson

We can’t get enough of Bea Johnson from Zero Waste Home and we were lucky enough to get her visiting us once again after Malaysia’s First Zero Waste Fest for a short sharing session at A Bit Less, Kepong on 12 July 2018! The Exclusive Dialogue with Bea Johnson took place for approximately 3 hours, from 6pm – 9pm for only registered attendees.

Bea Johnson was travelling across countries to share her zero waste journey and she had a very short layover in Malaysia. Despite of her short layover in Malaysia 🇲🇾, she was more than happy to join us for this sharing session because environmental issue is more important than resting at the airport! 😲 We guessed that she just missing us too much! 😏

The event begun with light refreshments (vegan 🥑) prepared by Theresa from Original food kitchen to cater all 30 attendees. Before exclusive dialogue took place, Bea Johnson was personally interviewed by Victoria Brown from The Star to share her perspective on today’s world in conserving Mother Nature and what are the steps in starting, as well as leading a zero waste lifestyle as a whole.

It was then followed by attendees introducing themselves to the rest. The Exclusive Dialogue with Bea Johnson started with a list of questions asked by our fellow attendees that was prepared during the registration process, a week before. Frequently asked questions were,

  • How do I maintain a zero waste lifestyle with a family member that doesn’t practice it?
  • What are the alternatives to certain unavoidable plastic items?
  • How do you say “NO” to single-use plastic items?
  • How do you convince people around you to practice a zero waste lifestyle?
  • Is going zero waste expensive?

These questions were answered thoroughly by Bea Johnson and was adapted (if there’s a need to) to fit the Malaysian market, in terms of finding alternatives, recycling centers and more. Bea Johnson didn’t only share what was asked but she also shared her experience in recently visited countries and she was very much impressed how other countries are also striving to make zero waste lifestyle crucial in eradicating unnecessary waste.

Attendees shared their experiences on their personal zero waste journey and how far they’ve come, to together share the progress as well as encourage each other that it isn’t difficult to create less waste in Malaysia.

We’re super grateful to have Bea again. It reminds us again the powerful of the zero waste movement. Till next time! 👋


Contributor: Kamini

Event date: 11 July 2018