Who can Join?

The Zero Waste Pledge programme is open to any Malaysian businesses registered under the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) that wants to commit to reducing their waste. If you have the authority to commit your organisation / business to the Zero Waste Pledge, select your Pledge Action now and start realising savings!

How to choose my Pledge Action?

Our team wants to ensure that you set Pledge Action(s) which is/are realistic, achievable and will benefit your organisation / business. You can choose the Pledge Action from our list of suggested Pledge Action list. Once your Pledge is accepted, we will provide the support you need to help you achieve the Pledge Action.

If you have chosen to set any of your own Pledge Action, our team members will review your Pledge Action and may contact you for further information before your Pledge application is accepted.

Are there any terms and conditions associated with the Zero Waste Pledge programme?

Yes, any businesses that makes a Zero Waste Pledge is required to provide its consent to our terms and conditions, including that the individual who submitted the Pledge must have the approval of their senior management to do so.

Can I terminate my Pledge?

Yes, you may terminate your Pledge anytime with a formal one-month advance notice to Zero Waste Malaysia. You will no longer be entitled to use the Pledge marketing materials or be able to display your Pledge certificate in your premises, online or in print. Please also note that there will be no refund on the subscription fee paid.

Can my Pledge be terminated?

Yes, your Pledge may be terminated after three (3) strikes on non-compliances – identified through site visits, audits or public reports/grievances. Your business/organisation will receive official warning statement/letter via email from Zero Waste Malaysia if we receive any complaint regarding violations on your business/organisation’s Pledge. For businesses that receive three (3) warnings for not fulfilling on any of the Pledge Action during that particular one-year pledge term, Zero Waste Malaysia reserves the right to terminate the endorsement immediately upon verification and investigation.

What happens if I don’t renew my Pledge?

The Pledge certificate is valid for one (1) year from the date of issuance. Your Pledge certificate will be terminated automatically if it is not renewed. You will no longer be entitled to use the Pledge marketing materials or be able to display your Pledge certificate in your premises, online or in print.

Can I re-enroll to the Programme if Zero Waste Malaysia terminates my Pledge?

Yes. For first time offender, your organisation / business is welcome to re-enroll in the Zero Waste Pledge programme. However, your organisation / business will be suspended for one (1) year (from the date of termination) if Zero Waste Malaysia terminates the endorsement due to your repeat violation subject to Zero Waste Malaysia’s final decision. Zero Waste Malaysia reserves the right to blacklist the organisations / businesses that have been disqualified from the Zero Waste Pledge programme for three (3) times or more.

Email us at cert@zerowastemalaysia.org for further inquiries!