Pledge Action Description

Composting facilities

Pledge to commit reducing organic waste by

(i) installing composting machine OR

(ii)work with local community garden group to transform organic waste into rich nutrient fertiliser.


Low waste delivery

Pledge to commit a low impact delivery by 

(i) eliminating unnecessary packing material OR 

(ii)using easily recyclable / compostable / post-consumer material approach.


Refillable Dispenser Amenities

Pledge to implement 

(i) refillable OR

(ii)dispensing options 

for amenities over single-use amenities.


Support BYO initiatives

Pledge to encourage Bring.Your.Own concept by 

(i)not providing single-use disposable carrier.


Electronic Receipt

Pledge to provide 

(i)electronic quotation/ receipt / invoice / delivery order or e-ticket OR

(ii)implement paperless check-in and survey data collection.


Bulk Purchase

Pledge to purchase products in bulk without individual packaging such as

(i)purchase of household products i.e cleanser, shampoo, detergent with refillable / upcycle / reusable container or bottle OR

(ii)purchase of food in reusable and plastic-free packaging.


Duplex Printing

Pledge to

(i)go paperless and perform / display communication  through electronics sharing OR

(ii)implement duplex printing for any documentation.


Recycling Initiatives

Pledge to implement recycling initiative such as

(i)implement recycled towel / bed sheets programme OR

(ii)provide in-house recycling station OR

(iii)engage with local charity / recycling company / second hand store to recycle the recyclables.


Reusable Initiatives

Pledge to use reusable/sustainable alternatives to single-use items.