Project Overview

NUDE The Zero Waste Store is against plastic waste in all forms. Nude fortifies this commitment by offering customers with naked / package–free items in its ‘Moods’, ‘Goods’ and ‘Foods’ sections. Nude carefully manages its supply chain in compliance with its procurement policy, and minimises carbon footprint.

About their pledge

Pledge Action

Zero Waste Implementation Approach

Avoided Waste Identification

Unavoided Waste Identification

Benefits of Pledge Action Implementation

Electronic Receipt

Receipt is issued electronically via email.

  • Paper / thermal paper
  • Printer ink / refill ink


  • Reduced cost of printing.
  • Reduced use of raw resources

i.e. trees for paper making.

Refillable Dispenser Amenities

Water refill station is provided in store

Single-use plastic bottle


  • Reduced waste from plastic bottles.
  • Convenience to customers and staff for clean water access

Support BYO Initiatives

  • Consumers are required to BYO container / bottle / cloth bag for their shopping trip.
  • No paper bag is provided
  • Reused clean jars / containers are available for renting. The rental fee is refundable upon returning of jar / container.
  • Paper bag
  • New Jar / container
  •  New bottle
  • Individual plastic packaging


  • Reduced single-use packaging waste.
  • Encourage the habit of reusing/recycling rather than disposing
  • Eliminate cost to buy packaging

Low Waste Delivery

  • For orders within Klang Valley: Reusable packaging, from customers to Nude, collected during delivery to be reused for next delivery.
  • For orders outside of Klang Valley: Existing materials are reused as parcel packaging.
  • New flyer
  • New courier box
  • Unnecessary plastic waste
  • Reduction in overall consumption of new material .
  • Cost effective as no purchasing is required for packaging.

Bulk Purchase

Products are purchased in large bulk amount instead of in small, single packages.

Individual plastic packaging

Large plastic bag (imported fruits & nuts)

  • Reduction in individual plastic packaging.
  • Reduced use of raw resources i.e. fossil fuels for plastic


Recycling Initiatives

  • Recycle items that cannot be internally reused.
  • Future Planning: To facilitate recyclable drop-off point and collaborate with other organisations to ensure and maintain proper recycling.

Paper boxes from imported items

Supports a circular economy – reusing/recycling waste as a product/process input