Project Overview

NUDE The Zero Waste Store is against plastic waste in all forms. Nude fortifies this commitment by offering customers with naked / package–free items in its ‘Moods’, ‘Goods’ and ‘Foods’ sections. Nude carefully manages its supply chain in compliance with its procurement policy, and minimises carbon footprint.

About their pledge

Case Study

The co-founders of Nude the Zero Waste Store – Cheryl (right) and Wilson (left)

How does a package free store impact the social and environmental impacts of their supply chain?

Nude the Zero Waste Store is a package free store located at SS2 Petaling Jaya. According to Wilson, one of the co-founders of Nude the Zero Waste Store, the team aims to transform the goods supply chain model to be more sustainable by eliminating the repackaging of goods into single use retail packaging. 

The global food supply chain accounts for about 70% of packaging waste. Here’s the pyramid explanation about how the conventional supermarket works:

Let’s take noodles as an example. At a conventional food supply chain industry, raw material (for instance, wheat flour) will be purchased at a food processing facility in order to reprocess into products. Finished products are packaged for shipment to a warehouse / distributor. Then, products will be unpackaged and repackaged for smaller deliveries to retails. Retails will then repackage them into smaller packaging for the consumer market. 


Approaching a zero waste practice such as at Nude the Zero Waste Store, the team strives to skip the identified waste stream, which includes packaging waste, from:

  1. Suppliers at source
  2. Food processing industry
  3. Distributor & Retails
  4. Consumers  

This practice results to Nude the Zero Waste Store having only generated three gunny sacks worth of packaging waste in a year (2019)! More than 62% of food products are being refilled directly from the local makers / distributors. 8.2% of the products are available in returnable packaging where customers are allowed to return the packaging (usually in reusable packaging such as jars / containers) back to the local makers for reuse.  

*Data shown are collected on date: 27th November 2019. In recent months, they have managed to upgrade to larger volume packs which are 50kg. Latest data will be recorded by the end of 2020. 

Unlike the conventional supermarket, Nude the Zero Waste Store practices the support of local products rather than sourcing food globally. It is believed that the carbon footprint of importing goods could be reduced significantly by establishing a local food supply chain. And supporting the local economy (win-win situation).

One of their local vendors – refilling the homemade pet treats

That being said Nude covers 43.9% of food products locally in Malaysia followed by India (Spices in majority) and China.