Project Overview

MINUS Zero Waste Store aims to facilitate the community towards living a sustainable lifestyle. It is an online zero waste retail store that does not use single-use plastic packaging in its products. To further reduce plastic pollution, Minus shipped all parcels using upcycled boxes instead of flyers.

About their pledge

Pledge Action

Zero Waste Implementation Approach

Avoided Waste Identification

Unavoided Waste Identification

Benefits of Pledge Action Implementation

Electronic Receipt

Receipt is issued electronically via email.

  • Paper / thermal paper
  • Printer ink / refill ink


  • Reduced cost of printing.
  • Reduced use of raw resources

i.e. trees for paper making.

Duplex Printing

Upcycled paper is used for duplex printing for delivery consignment note.

Unused paper

Ink cartridge

  • Reduction in paper wastage
  • More cost effective as no purchasing is required for new paper.

Low Waste Delivery

Order within JB:

Upcycled paper bags are used. Order outside JB :

Upcycled boxes are used as parcel packaging.


Bubble wrap New courier box

Paper tape

  • Reduction in creating plastic waste.
  • More cost effective as no purchasing is required for new paper and courier box.

Bulk Purchase

Refillable products such as laundry powder and baking soda are purchased directly from the supplier with Minus- owned containers.

Individual plastic packaging


Reduction in individual plastic packaging.