Project Overview

Eventistry is a full-service event planning company which focuses on socially responsible, environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. They launch the Love not Wasted – A Zero Waste Wedding Planning package believing that having a sustainable wedding doesn’t mean having to sacrifice what you want. It simply means being more mindful with resources and making the most out of them.

About their pledge

Pledge Action

Zero Waste Implementation Approach

Avoided Waste Identification

Unavoided Waste Identification

Benefits of Pledge Action Implementation

Electronic Receipt

We email service kit / invoice / proposal quotation/

service agreement to our client

Printed paper

Printed out for accounting

purpose (accountant request)

Use less paper mean save more cost for paper

and printer ink

Refillable Dispenser Amenities

The caterer to provide refillable drinking water

instead of packaged bottled water

Wine: there will be glass bottle and we will arrange

and deliver the bottle to urban farm

Water bottle


Less plastic being produce

Reusable Initiatives


avoid single-use cutleries, napkin instead of tissue


We fix the 4 preset wedding theme so that we can

reuse the decorative props. For our usual event

(wedding & party), we will try to provide our client

more options for the decoration

Single use plate, plastic cutlery,

paper napkin

Decoration: Fresh flower and

dried flower that cant be reused /

not in good condition (currently

we are discussing with Decorator

if they can send it to Urban farm /

free tree society)

  • Make the dining experience feel cleaner andmore elegant
  • Reduce the amount of waste created at themeal itself.

Duplex Printing


Paperless photo in digital format instead of physical

hard drive format or printed form. Paperless and

cloud based.


Even thought we encourange couple to go for e-

invite but we do understand some of the couple will

find e invite is abit informal. So we have included

invitation printing (1 pcs 2 pages) as optional extra.

However we wil only be using recycle paper or FSC

certified paper.

Event Planning Operation:

Our company has been using the cloud base

documentation and planning software to avoid any

documentation printing

Event Day Coordination:

implement duplex printing for documentation



Photographer: photo album / photo

print out canvas & thumb drive

Invitation / event planning operation:

trying to reduce the paper wastage

Event Day Coordination: Printed

out program ( we tried not to print

out using phone instead but our

team still find it challenging and is

not convenient) However for guest

registration, we always suggest

our couple to use google sheet /

guest registration management

app (The big day app)

Photographer save cost from not providing

thumb-drive and photo album ( less work to

arrange photo album print out)

Composting Facilities

Food waste:

Eventistry work with WAW on avoiding food waste

Food waste

Those leftover that not able to

keep for long and no food

composting company able to pick

up ( less quantity)

  • Beneficial those needy family who sufferingfrom hunger
  • Less trash to clean